Terms and Conditions

No payment is necessary until a mock-up of the home page has been provided and a web design contract has been drawn up and signed by both parties. Then a deposit of £100 or 25% - whichever is the greater - is required. Full payment is required once the design is complete and prior to upload to the web server.

Payments can be made by cheque or online using PayPal or any of the major credit or debit cards.

Hosting is provided free of charge with all new website quotes and redesigns. However, should you prefer to host the website independantly, this can be arranged. All hosting is provided on U.K. based servers.

You can cancel your order at any time up to the point when you pay your deposit. You may still cancel after this point, but you will forfeit your deposit. This is to cover the costs involved in producing the mock-up of the design.

We do not design or host websites with adult content.

If you require any clarification or further information on our terms and conditions, please Contact us.